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Welcome to SkillsTrak

Australia’s online database for training, qualification, and license management.

Currently, you are experiencing our beta testing application. Everything you input to, and export from while using this site is secure, and in real time.

Please enjoy using and testing our application, and feel free to provide feedback and improvement suggestions to

SkillsTrak is packed with a multitude of features to help you save time while managing all your qualifications, licenses etc. We have created a simple and secure platform that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, whether you’re at home, on site or across the world.

SkillsTrak provides 24/7 access to all training and qualification information from any location in the world. When using SkillsTrak you always have reliable, secure access.

Input and upload copies of your licenses and inductions, including accurate expiry dates and you will receive notifications from us that alert you to an impending expired license.

Input your work history, qualifications and certificates into your profile and have a virtual resume to carry with you and access at any time along with the ability to allow employers to view your profile.

Soon, SkillsTrak will be a web, tablet and smartphone application that assists people in all employment industries to keep their qualifications up to date. The app creates an effective way to keep qualifications in one easily accessible database, so they are easily shared with current and future employers.